Simpson Family in Pictures

My dad with his first wife, Josephine Flora LONG, my half-brother William I. SIMPSON and my half-sister Sonjalee Carol SIMPSON

Bill Simpson




Bill's daughter Cynthia Lee Simpson

My sis again.

Sonnie, me and my long-last half-brother Pete.

Four cousins and Monopoly - Earl Roger SIMPSON, Bill SIMPSON, Clarence Edwin SIMPSON
and Sonjalee Carol SIMPSON

On 16 oct 1956, Pan American Airways Clipper Flight 943 "The Sovereign of the Skies" ditched in the Pacific Ocean near the Coast Guard Cutter Ponchartrain, which was station-keeping between Hawaii and California. Through excellent preparation, the plane ditched without loss of life, and my brother was able to grab a few frames of the event. The images were picked up by wireservices and used around the world. Bill's on the far right in the image below.

From Left, Harmond Leroy Helm holds his son, Harmond Brian Helm, my dad, in the chair, holds Brian's brother Mark Leroy Helm, my brother Bill's on the right, I'm grinning in the back.


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