Simpson Family in Pictures

The Pattons, Snavelys & Bagleys

Front Row Pansy E. (SNAVELY) PATTON, Dorothy Evelyn PATTON SIMPSON, Jean (PATTON) MILLER and
Jane Elizabeth (PATTON) POTCHAD

Back Row - John William PATTON, Thomas Robert PATTON, Jr., Paul Edward PATTON Thomas Robert PATTON
Taken in front of 1501 Garfield Street, Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas

I have only begun to scan and post PATTON images. Finding enough won't be the problem - finding web space might.

Dorothy Evelyn PATTON

Effie Jane (BAGLEY) SNAVELY with Orville SIMPSON

Thomas Robert PATTON, Jr. "Bob"

Bob, a few years later.


Dorothy Evelyn PATTON

Frank R. MILLER, Senior and Junior
Orville M. SIMPSON, Senior and Junior

I have to wing it a bit here - I know Pansy (SNAVELY) PATTON is in the back of this photo, and Effie (BAGLEY) SNAVELY is in front, but I have to guess that the woman on the left is Elsie SNAVELY, but the woman on the right is unknown at this time.

Thomas Robert PATTON and Pansy (SNAVELY) PATTON

 From one of the legendary Patton vacations, ca 1959, to Yellowstone....the white hats are, l. to r., Walter M. POTCHAD, Thomas Robert PATTON, Jr., John PATTON, Orville Marvin SIMPSON, Thomas Robert PATTON. The black hat is me, Orville Marvin SIMPSON, Jr.


Thomas Robert PATTON

John William PATTON

John William PATTON, USMC

Mom and John William PATTON

Elsie SNAVELY with her brother-in-law Lee CRAWFORD

A gathering of PATTONS at Snowy Range Pass


Thomas Robert (Bob) Patton, Jr., at MILLER's

Front row, l. to r., Dorothy Evelyn (Patton) Simpson, Jean (Patton) Miller, Jane Elizabeth (Patton) Potchad and Paul Edward Patton. Back row, John William Patton, Thomas Robert Patton, Jr.

Way in the back, akimbo, Mary Beth Patton

Paul Edward Patton, ca 1974

Cousins - Susan POTCHAD, Patton "Pat" MILLER, Debbie MILLER, Frank MILLER, and me. ca 1958

Tom and Pansy at their 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1964 - Walt and Jane POTCHAD's, K.C. KS

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