Simpson Family in Pictures

Orville Marven SIMPSON, Jr.
b. 5 sep 1950 Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas
m. 18 aug 1973 Deborah Jane NEAL Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri
div. 15 apr 1979 Castle Rock, Douglas, Colorado
m. 26 mar 1983 Paula Katherine (nee GRIFFIN) WINGATE


Orville and Dorothy's Baby Boy

There's a lot happening here. I think I poked my mom in the eye, I'm recoiling in fear of something, and the wallpaper's started to sprout.


Help should arrive any moment. Fish on a rope. Again.

I couldn't have done better.



A few cousins...Frank R. MILLER, Jr, Mr Grumpy in the middle, Susan Jane POTCHAD with the sunny smile, and Donna MILLER, Frank's sister, holding the whole mess together.


There's probably fish on a rope somewher near here. 10th Street at Bales, Kansas City, Missouri


Fish on a rope.

Tippy The Laughing Dog, Tom Jackson and himself. Summer, 1957 


The Perfessor - 3rd grade


There's a bus turnaround, a '47 Chevy and a junk yard in the background.
Must be home.


The Old Whittier School, 11th and Indiana, Kansas City, Missouri - razed Jan 1959

At the new Whittier - a Diane Arbus moment with Judy, Donna and a few envious guys.



You might miss something.


Holy crap! Why didn't someone stop me?


I turned into this.

Peggy Grice's '33 Dodge Sedan. Mark Rittermeyer and I went to hang out in Keokuk, Iowa the weekend that the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. We made complete fools of ourselves. It was great.

Northeast High School, Class of '68

Grandson and best bud, Joshua Caleb CUNNINGHAM


Mike Rittermeyer's CB160. I sorta squashed it.

Me and mom with the legendary Mach I before Steve Fairhurst's wedding.
One man energy crisis.


The Posse sweltering at the Highland Games- Shelli Leigh (neeSIMPSON) MILLER, Gillian Elizabeth MILLER, Shannon Elizabeth SIMPSON, Paula Katherine (neeGRIFFIN) SIMPSON, and Joshua Caleb CUNNINGHAM

Three balloons - I'm in the one far right.

Edgar and I take on the two grueling miles of the St. Patrick's Day Parade, '03....we're not really cut out for driving that slowly.

My latest ride - twin radial Pratt and Whitneys, six .50 caliber machine guns, 2500 lbs bomb capacity. I got your road rage right here, Hummer-Boy!


But wait, there's more!

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