Simpson Family in Pictures

A photograph taken at the Trading Post School ca 1910 - David Walton Matthews is at the top center with Mary Leigh. David is the son of James Henry Matthews and Mary Jane Neighbors. He is my first cousin, twice removed. He died in Boicourt, Linn, Kansas in 1960

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Orville Marvin SIMPSON
29 mar 1910 - 17 jun 1974

Dorothy Evelyn PATTON
27 jun 1915 - 2 jan 1979

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William Henry SIMPSON
14 jun 1869 - 25 jan 1954

Thomas Robert PATTON
12 Mar 1892 - 9 oct 1974

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William Henry Simpson
abt jul 1842 - 13 feb 1905

The Neighbors
The Immigrant  Ulster Scots  Fish On A Rope Champ

William Simpson
24 mar 1800 - 2 may 1873

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