Fort Scott Daily Tribune-Monitor
Saturday, December 16, 1944

John L. Simpson, 79, a retired Frisco trackman and yardman, died yesterday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.E. (Teresa) Warren, in Tyler, Texas.

The deceased, who made his home in Fort Scott for a number of years, left here a few years ago, following his retirement from the Frisco after a leg injury, to make his home with his daughter.

Mr. Simpson was twice married. His first wife(1) died in 1905.
Survivors include Mrs. J.E. Warren of Tyler and Leo and John S. Simpson, children of his first wife, and two sons, Fred and Ed Simpson, and daughter Leona, the latter of Topeka.

The body is being sent to the Konantz Mortuary and burial will be in the Catholic cemetery.

Announcement as to date of the funeral will be made later.

A brother, William H. Simpson, lives at 1238 East Wall street.

Fort Scott Daily Tribune-Monitor
Wednesday, December 20, 1944

Funeral services for John L. Simpson were held yesterday morning at 9 o'clock in the St. Mary's Catholic church. The Fathers M.G. Barry and P.J. Nagle officiated.

Mr. Barry celebrated the requiem mass, and Mr. Nagle preached the sermon. He said that all are laborers in the vineyard of the Lord. He stressed the importance of work and activity, reminding his listeners that Mr. Simpson led an active and useful life as a railroad employee. Mr. Barry said that the most important work is that of saving one's own soul, and that prayer is an important step toward doing this. He said that everyone owes it to his Creator to pray not only individually, but in family groups.

Music was furnished by the St. Mary's school choir, accompanied by Sister Cletus.
Altar boys were Thomas Cunningham, Jr., Francis Colner and Albert Meath.
Interment was in the St. Mary's Catholic cemetery.

Pallbearers were W.A. Clark, Robert McDowell, Roy Davis, W.A. Harper, Clarence Simpson and G.H. Holley of Tyler Texas.

The rosary service was held Sunday evening in the Konantz chapel, under the auspices of the Knights of Columbus. William Martens led the service.
Many floral tokens were in evidence at the rosary service.

Out of town relatives who attended the service were Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Warren, Leo Simpson, and G.H. Holley of Tyler, Texas and Clarence Simpson of Kansas City, Mo.
1 Mary A. Sweeney Simpson

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