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Detail of Wedding Certificate of William H. SIMPSON and Ada Mae BROWN 11 sep 1907
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Ornate Marriage Certficate of
William H. Simpson and Ada Mae Brown
- 11 sep 1907 w/detail

Military Service Card, William Simpson
Enrolled Missouri Militia, Lexington, 1862

Mathews / Matthews Marriages in Johnson County Missouri - 3 mar 1837 through 25 nov 1877*

  *Please note, this list of marriages is incomplete. I originally had a much smaller view of the Mathews family in Johnson County, Missouri. Boy, was I wrong.


 Letter from Patrick Mathews, Lynchburg, Virginia to Thomas Mathews of Missouri
Part 1 - Part2
Transcription of newspaper article of 31 December, 1954 regarding the reunion of Mary Bagley Meyers with her sister Effie Bagley Snavely at the home of Pansy Snavely Patton

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