Latest developments:

New information has come from recently-discovered cousins which connects the Mathews families and the Simpsons of Warrensburg. It's now obvious that Jane Simpson, wife of our immigrant William, was a Mathews, sister to five Mathews brothers that came to America in the mid-1800s from Ulster.

Breaking news: I'm pretty sure I've found our immigrant William.

He is listed on a ship's manifest, with his wife and toddler, landing in New York on 21 July 1845. His age is shown as 40, which is 5 years younger than we might expect, but his wife is shown at age 30 - b. abt 1815 - and his son William at age 3 - b. abt 1842. They sound about right. If this isn't William the Immigrant, it's a pretty good imitation. I'm going off in that direction and will let you know what I find.

New Cousin:

We have a new cousin or twenty to talk to. We're waiting on information from a distant cousin in the American Desert Southwest, kin to John L. Simpson, by way of his son, Edward. We'll connect the dots and tell you what we've found.

We'd still like to find:

Jane (Jenny) SIMPSON - 1870 - *
Jenny is still a bit of a mystery - we don't know if she ever married or where she went.

Minnie Mae SIMPSON NOBLE - 1878 - *
Minnie also got up and went. She divorced Bert Noble and we think she may have married someone named "Barnes" and moved to the Chicago area, but we just don't know for sure.

Jasper N. BROWN - 1880 - *
John R. BROWN - 1883
Harrison B. BROWN - 1889 - 1974
Thomas Jefferson BROWN - 1892 - 1989
Gustaf A. BROWN - 1896 - *

and their children, grandchildren and families.

A great deal of the information regarding the Neighbors and associated families came from Alice Widmer at the Trading Post Museum in Linn County, Kansas. Even more Neighbors information was appropriated directly from the most excellent genealogy website of Steven W. Neighbors in Phoenix.

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